Twinkle Toes Academy was established in April 2013 by Mrs Claire-Louise Ellis just after her daughter turned 9 months old.  It was established to provide young girls and boys, a fun and safe environment to introduce them to the exciting world of dance, something that Claire-Louise has had a passion for since the age of three years old.  


She began ballet in Bahrain in the Middle East and then continued to dance in Singapore and then back in the UK when her parents returned here to work. She continued her love of dance at Bird College, one of the UK's top dance colleges in Kent where she gained her BA (Hons) in Dance and Theatre Performance.


She decided to further her teaching career at Kingston Upon Thames Teachers Training college where she gained her ISTD DDI (Diploma in Dance Instruction) and her DDE (Diploma in Dance Education). Her teaching career has allowed her to pass on her passion of dance to many young children and she is looking forward to building her dance academy and watch it grow. She is very grateful for all the support from all her family and friends and her current Twinkle Toes students and is so excited to see them improve week by week.