Frequently Asked Questions:


Do parents stay and watch?

For the younger students, aged 2 yrs +, parents have the option to stay and watch, but you may find that after a few weeks, your child will gain more confidence and you won't need to stay.  It is more preferable for you not to be in the room, but it is understandable at this age that this may not be possible.  For the older students, aged 3 yrs + we ask that there are no spectators in the room, however if you are a new student, you may have a parent or guardian in the room for the first few weeks so they can settle in.  Each of the venues have a waiting area, so you won't be very far away should your child need you. In order for you to see how well your little one has progressed, we have watching week, which is usually the last day of term. If you can't make this date, please contact Mrs Ellis and she will allow you to watch on another date.


What should my child wear?

Any child who is attending the younger classes, 2 - 4yrs (anything under Pre-Primary) can wear anything that is comfortable and easy to move around in, such as leggings and a t-shirt and bare feet.  If after a few weeks, your child knows they want to continue, then it is recommended that they wear ballet shoes, as these will strengthen their feet.


From Pre-Primary onwards the uniform is required. You can purchase this at Ballet-Hoo in Godalming.  You can also purchase Twinkle Toes Academy t-shirts and hoodies through Mrs Ellis.  Please contact her for details.


When does my child move into Pre-Primary?

Your child can move into Pre-Primary at around 4 years old or when they have started school.  Please speak to Mrs Ellis if you are unsure of whether to move your child up. Nothing is set in stone, you can be flexible as to when you move your child up a class.

Do they have to do ballet exams?

No, your child is not required to do ballet exams, but it is something that is recommended as it gives them something to work towards.  Exams will take place from Primary onwards.  At Pre-Primary level a class assessment will be made, which is very informal.  Twinkle Toes Academy follows the ISTD syllabus, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and is one of the worlds leading dance examination boards. http://www.istd.org/


How do we have to pay?

After your initial free taster session, classes must be paid up front either half termly or termly (at a lower rate).

Mrs Ellis will confirm the cost, as these will differ from class to class.


Do you do taster sessions?

Yes, we do offer a free taster session. Please click here to book your free taster session.


Will all of the staff be DBS Checked (formerly CRB)?

Yes, all staff members of the Twinkle Toes Academy will have an advanced DBS check.



Are we allowed to take photos/videos during class?

You are more than welcome to take photographs during class, but we would appreciate it if the photos are not publicly used unless you get permission from the other parents.  If you are happy to send us any photographs taken, we may put them on our website, with your permission and the permission of the other parents.  From time to time, we would like to add photographs of some of our Twinkle Toes students and add them to our website and Facebook Page.  If you would NOT like your child to appear in any marketing material, please can you contact Mrs Ellis and she will make sure that your child will not be included in any of the photos.  Please note, we will not use their names in any of the material.